(18th Mar 1998)

This is a collection of programs that do nothing at all. :o) However they do have the same identification as some of the built-in programs and as they take precedence they can prevent themselves from appearing on the extras bar.

To hide Bombs:

Bombs should now be gone from your Extras Bar. To put it back there:

You can do similar with Comms and Program by putting their dummy programs in the relevant folder. (Note that the files and folder for Program are called 'TextEd')

All the dummy programs are in (1k). Alternatively you could type in the following lines into Program, then hit the translate button. This will create the .APP and .AIF files in their correct place.

  APP Bombs,&10000129
    FLAGS 2
  PROC Start:

For programs other than Bombs, replace Bombs with the program name, and the number following this with the program's Unique Identification (UID). e.g.

  APP Comms,&10000087
  APP TextEd,&10000085
  APP Record,&1000007E
  APP Spell,&10000082