(28th Feb 1998)

If, like me, you use the backlight a lot then you've probably found it annoying when it turns itself of whilst you're puzzling over a choice of words for a letter or a tricky puzzle in a game. What would be useful is a way of bypassing the 3 minute maximum timeout on the backlight.

There are programs that you do fancy things with the backlight; however, installing a whole program just to disable the backlight auto switch off seems a bit over the top. Therefore I've put together a simple stand alone program called StayLit that lets you do this. Just put it in any folder on your machine and tap it whenever you wish to turn the backlight timer on or off.

Note: If you open the 'Screen' control in Control Panel then the backlight timer will get re-enabled; you will need to run StayLit to turn it off again.

Download StayLit (1k)