Version 1.20 (12th April 2000)

QuickNote is a program that lets you quickly make simple notes. It is designed for those times when you are in a hurry and don't have a pen and paper to hand. It is also a replacement for those 'back of a cigarette packet' or beer-mat scribblings. :o)

With this in mind it is possible to configure QuickNote so that whenever the machine is switched on it pops up with a blank notebook page. You can draw on the page with the pen or enter text by simply starting to type; this text can be dragged to any place on the page.

It is ideal for those social situations where you don't want to be spending too much time fiddling around and navigating through menus. And because QuickNote can be used without going through menus or dialogue boxes it can be used by someone else who may not be familiar with the computer.

Below is a note giving the hypothetical location of a pub. :o)

Screen shot

Download QuickNote (25k)

Languages supported: UK English, German and French.

Revision history.

Version 1.20 - 12th April 2000

Version 1.16 - 19th February 2000

Version 1.15 - 2nd February 2000

Version 1.14 - 7th November 1999

Version 1.13 - 15th July 1999

Version 1.12 - 5th July 1999

Version 1.11 - 1st May 1999

Version 1.10 - 18th April 1999

Version 1.01 - 14th April 1999

Version 1.00 - 13th April 1999